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Covers the theoretical and practical application of this only, safe, medically approved method of permanently removing hair. During the theory component you will study the anatomy of skin and hair; hair growth cycle; apparent and actual regrowth; disease and disorders of the endocrine system; sterilization etc… To perfect your technique, you will train during each practical class on all areas of the face and body in the application of thermolysis, galvanic electrolysis and the blend using computerized machines with focus on computerized machines. Throughout the course, special attention is given to proper hygiene, sterilization and disinfection.


Duration : Monday through Friday, 40 hours intensive

Evaluation : Theory & Practical Assessment

Included : Supplies, Post Graduate Follow Up Assessment

Class Size : We guarantee small classes (min. 2 and max. 4) to ensure individual instruction for each student

Dress Code : Students are expected to wear a white lab coat over street clothes to every class


Pre-Requisites :

  • at least 17 years of age or apply as a mature student.

  • have successfully completed grade 12 in a  Canadian High School or equivalent

  • provide a written character reference

  • provide a certificate from a practicing physician stating that the student is free from any communicable diseases

Practical Experience

  • the students are expected to work on each other

  • no one will be exempt from taking treatment from any student

  • pre-sterilized, disposable needles are provided for each student to ensure the safest environment for learning

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